NPR Weekend edition Sunday. Voters Left and Right Are Anti-Free Trade. But Is It All Bad?


Weekend edition Sunday

March 13, 2016


Voters Left And Right Are Anti-Free Trade. But Is It All Bad?

March 13, 20167:59 AM ET

Audio for this story from Weekend Edition Sunday will be available at approximately 12:00 p.m. ET.

Adam Davidson of Gimlet, explains how free trade helps everyone a little bit, and also how it has directly ruined the lives millions of workers in certain sectors. Adam Davidson has a podcast called Surprisingly Awesome and the link is

On this NPR radio, Weekend edition Sunday, the topic of “Voters Left and Right Are Anti-Free Trade. But Is It All Bad? Prompted one more thing in my thoughts, the discussion was how two Presidential candidates, Trump and Sanders, are echoing about how trade treaties are taking away jobs from Americans, campaigning in the rust belt,. NPR played sound clip of Trump saying “China is killing us, Japan is killing us, Taiwan is killing us..” and Sanders clip was a similar rhetoric( yes, rhetoric).

Merriam Webster defines rhetoric as language that is intended to influence people and that may not be honest or reasonable. The art or skill of speaking or writing formally and effectively especially as a way to persuade or influence people.

Adam gave examples of how trade treaties are not harmful and by and large help countries and people. I also understand the simple fact that if I have household goods and stuff cheap, because it is mass produced at lower cost.  But  whipping up emotions of those very people who have been laid off or factories closed in their cities, trying to become their messiah, tsk! tsk!  this seems a bit dishonest.

Is it not deceitful of these individuals who want to be president of USA and twisting facts, playing with sentiments of affected demographic. They want to come to office on, if not altogether false, grossly misleading statements.

Vying to become president on potentially not so true statements, when no one is challenging them, when no fact checking is done, and audience like them since they are talking their talk, what affected voters want to hear, appears like a house built on sand.( We read in media that Trump brings in foreign workers, because it helps bottom line, merely stating that trained workforce for short period is not available in entertainment industry may be an excuse to make some more money. Doublespeak)

I always wonder, why would competing candidates not tear each apart, because they also play the same card, somewhere else, they are vulnerable themselves, so why rip the other person.

Does Trump or Sanders actually believe they can undo such agreements when they come to power? Come on, Nations cannot even challenge China on South China Sea, could not fathom ISIS impact, when it suddenly captured ground and certainly Trump and Sanders are not naive.

This is how politics works and gullible supporters bring them to power and  there after all is forgotten.


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