It’s about a platform for people who (like me) read, listen to radio and would like to carry the conversation to next level.  Articulate their thoughts and process it to gain clarity and understanding.

When I read or  hear news on radio, I get this feeling “hey this doesn’t sound right, or this is not how the fact seems to be” I would like to bring it here and share with everybody.

I would like simple and honest conversations that are true interpretations, but we are much into mutual admiration syndrome that almost all discussions are left incomplete as it would upset the barter of favors that affects seemingly all interactions and transactions.

But we need to get real answers, ex. decipher politician’s speak, corporate speak, bureaucratic speak and understand this doublespeak.

Case in point, when eminent economist and thinkers present a line of action, how come people, who have the mandate and the power to implement, would remain oblivious.

I  want this to  be a discussion forum and not relegate to a rant.

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