He Abused Her for Years. She Shot Him. France Asks: Is It Self-Defense?


MARCH 11, 2016

I read this on Saturday, March 12, 2016 From The New York Times news article and one more thing that strangely connects with my earlier note.

My thoughts were prompted when I read the following as I was still thinking about the marital abuse written response of union minister…

This is part of the news I read on NYT web page. I do not have any view on this news or about the people it relates to but I do understand  how it was pursued and presented, and outcome of such criminal act could  be outside the normal.

So when union minister makes a statement about marital abuse as “can’t impose international marital rape concept on India” evolved and developed nations also have similar problems.

But they deal with a “kind of common sense” approach, I hope our system also explore such common sense approaches and not stick with the archaic thinking with in law as well as in everyday public life.

I have attached the news item only as a reference point…


He Abused Her for Years. She Shot Him. France Asks: Is It Self-Defense?


MARCH 11, 2016

LA SELLE-SUR-LE-BIED, France — Jacqueline Sauvage and Norbert Marot married as teenagers and built their dream house of wood and stone with a big garden and terrace in this village 70 miles south of Paris.

On the terrace of that home 47 years later, Ms. Sauvage shot her husband in the back three times with a hunting rifle, killing him, and putting an end to what she said was decades of physical abuse by him. She was found guilty of murder late last year and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Her case has drawn national attention to domestic violence against women in France, and to the inadequacy of France’s institutions in dealing with the problem.

But it has also raised an uncomfortable question for France: If your husband abuses you for years and one day you shoot and kill him, is it self-defense?

Now a 68-year-old grandmother of 11, Ms. Sauvage has become a cause célèbre for those who want homicide laws changed to take into account killers who are victims of domestic abuse.

More than 400,000 people in France signed a petition, started by Ms. Sauvage’s lawyers, asking President François Hollande to pardon her. He commuted part of her sentence in January, and now she is applying for parole.



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